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From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 28First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION, Copyright 2010. The
narrative that follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The
characters in the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact
Me to meet these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these
slaves. Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.Thanks for all your votes. I'll post the results after the end of this
chapter.Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 28Duncan watched the two pathetic fagslaves try to identify the men who
created each of the four faggot cocktails in front of them. Good fucking
luck.Duncan had learned he loved being cruel. He could be a nice guy; hell, he
often was. But when he was able to let out his inner demons like he could
with these two faggots, his spirit soared. He could actually taste his
sadism in the back of his throat. It was fucking delicious.When he saw how the Deltas treated their bitchboy, he envied them. He
loved the desperation in its eyes tinged with the realization that it was
trapped in an eternal no-win situation. He hungered to see that look in
the bitches he, along with Mitchell and Alexi, now owned. And this morning
he had that chance. That cold, metallic taste he could find nowhere else
was no rising is his throat, making his dick rise as well.He watched the fagslaves sip at the men's piss, trying to identify each
man's taste. They discussed the flavor as if they were wines, causing all
the men to chuckle. Apparently Mitchell's piss was sweeter than the others
and they were able to separate his right off the bat. Both of his.
Dammit. And they were able to identify Alexi's piss because their cell had
been drenched it in for months. Fuck. Well, that was the easy half.
Let's see `em identify each man's cum.Duncan smiled knowing new lolitas bbs sites what was about to be ahead for the fagdad if it was
allowed to stay. Duncan had been idly wandering through its incoming email
when he found a msg to it from some dude named Buck Thompson. Apparently
the cocksucker's old boss. The note was dripping with the kind of sadistic
glee that instantly told Duncan this guy was a kindred spirit. He showed
the note to Alexi (Duncan respected authority and respected that Alexi's
wisdom and resources made this fucking wet-dream possible), and they
decided that Buck should have the chance to make good on his threats. As
often as possible.Goddamn it. The fagboy had figured out that by quickly sipping the men's
piss and keeping the glasses upright, they could leave behind most of the
cum (which was more dense and starting to pool at the bottom of the
glasses), making it easier to sample their cum and determine whose was
whose. They knew already which glass beauty lolita preteen pics contained his and Alexi's piss, and
therefore their cum, so they could see which one of Mitchell's glasses
contained cum that tasted like that in the other glasses. Crap.While the nude little latina lolitas three men had decided what to do with the bitches earlier this
morning, Duncan learned just how he and Alexi saw the cuntfaced faggots
differently."I just don't see how it benefits us to toss the faggots to the Delta
house, Duncan," Alexi said."As opposed to sending them to the compound? Does it make a difference?""Fuck yes. Not only free illegal lolitas pics can we be more confident of them thriving out there,
but we also get those free memberships. It's win/win.""Yeah, but do these faggots deserve to thrive? Isn't the point to be
punishing them? Jesus, Alexi, they were trying to tell us what to do.
What the fuck was all that about?""Yeah, I know. We've made the faggots need us. And that made them
desperate. They need to learn that doesn't allow them to take desperate
measures. They need to accept that desperation as a fact of their lives.
So they can use it to better serve us.""And what about that shit about telling us how to live the rest of our
lives? Hell, what turns Me on is to find a woman who thinks like I do.
Someone who'd enjoy abusing the hell out of the fagdad and teaching it to
forever crave more. Turning its life into a heavenly hell that it hates
and loves. Drive it fucking crazy." That taste, his new and secret
addiction, was flooding his new lolitas bbs sites mouth.Alexi chuckled. "Really? The fagboy kinda sold me on the idea of owning
it and a female slave as well. 3d custom girl loli An infinite variety of holes for me to own
and use. Fuck, the power the fagbitch has given me...." Duncan wondered
what Alexi was tasting at that thought.But now the fagboy had crawled to the men and was softly begging to be
allowed to speak the fagslaves' verdicts. Alexi nodded."Sirs, Master, it apologizes for going beyond its bounds this morning.
It's learned that slaves should be seen and not heard.""Yeah, so fucking stop apologizing and get to the goddamn point. Who's
what is where, cuntface?" Mitchell and Alexi gave him surprised smiles."Sir Duncan, the red glass contained Your delicious cum and piss. The
yellow glass was filled with Master's cum and piss. Sir Mitchell's piss
was in both the blue and green glasses. His cum was in the blue glass, and
Your cum, Sir Duncan, was in the green glass."Holy fuck. Four out of four. Duncan instinctively punched his right fist
into his left palm. The fagdad responded with a tremble, knowing where
that fist was supposed to land. Alexi spoke up."OK, faggots. Your words proved true and you're both allowed to stay here
and serve us. But you both understand by now that actions have
consequences. And here are the consequences your actions have earned:"From now on, you are denied speech. To us, from us, to each other. Not
another fucking word from or to either of you. An occasional moan or
groan, sure. But not another fucking word for the rest of your pathetic
lives. All we want are actions."Neither are we ever to speak to you again. Never addressed, never spoken
to. We will simply state what we want and expect it to happen. I don't
expect to have to lower myself to acknowledge your fucking existence. The
only reason any of us will have to speak to you is to tell you how just
fucked up."Nobody gives a fuck what a fagslave has to say. And here's how we intend
to remind you of that." Alexi stepped aside to reveal his tool chest, the
box he used every day at work. From the top he pulled out some pliers and
an adjustable wrench."Every morning for the next few weeks, right after breakfast, each of you
are to take one of these tools and plead with us to use them on you. Every
morning, a tooth will be pulled from your mouths by one of us. Until
you're toothless and able to provide our cocks with even greater pleasure
with the joy of gum jobs. Hopefully, by then you'll have fucking learned
that a slave's mouth is only for input, never for output.If you agree, then we start right now. Grab a tool and beg us. Both of
you. Plead with us to make you better slaves. Without a goddamn word.
Words are above fagslaves. Either that, or it's off to the compound. Get
to it. Now."Duncan watched the fagboy grab the pliers and crawl to Alexi. At his feet,
the bitch started to lick and worship the metal in front of them all.
Metal. Just like that magical taste in His mouth.Duncan smiled cruelly as the fagdad grasped the wrench and crawled to Him.
It locked the wrench around its left top incisor and caressed Him as it
wrapped His hand around the stem of the wrench.Duncan laughed as he twisted and yanked, making the fagdad yelp and making
His cock throb. Alexi pulled out the fagboy's tooth at the same time.
Mitchell just watched, shaking his head and smiling. "What'cha gonna do
with the teeth?" he asked.Alexi shrugged. "Good question. Maybe I'll wear a couple around my neck
as a sign of ownership. What do you think, Duncan?""Sounds good to Me, man. Anything that reminds these animal cunts where
they belong. In the meantime, I want to fuck a pathetic loser. There'd
better be a fagdad in our room, hole little lolita nude magazine spread open nice and inviting, within
a minute." The fagdad scurried to comply. Duncan laughed, following it
in. He licked the inside of His mouth in anticipation as he walked into
his room and found the fagdad kneeling on the floor, hands shamelessly
stretching its fuckhole open for rape."No, faggot." He punched its nutsack as punishment for having to
acknowledge it, just like Alexi said. "Roll over like the brazen whore you
are. So I can spit in your stupid face and show you how a Man makes love
to little princess lolitas naked a mute fagcunt." Duncan smiled, thinking how fucking wonderful it would
be to feel and taste when he slugged the fagdad in the face as He shot His
load up its guts. Fucking delicious.And then he'd have to send an email to this Buck Thompson and invite him
over. Show him how to use a punching bag fag.===================
Thanks again for your votes, men (and non-men). It was interesting to
watch the tally. The initial votes were almost entirely for both fagslaves
to be shipped off to the compound. But as more votes came in the tide
turned:1 - both are shipped off: 4
2 - fagboy gets shipped: 4
3 - fagdad gets shipped: 9
4 - both fagslaves stay: 12There will be a couple more chapters to the story. Stay tuned...
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